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    Calabria is the southernmost part of mainland Italy. The region is on the toe of the boot, with the Tyrrhenian Sea to the northwest and the Ionian Sea to the south and east. Calabria is one of the sunniest corners of Italy and therefore a dream for a holiday in Italy . The rugged coast is interspersed with sandy beaches and popular bathing bays , the hinterland is characterized by mountain ranges and small, authentic villages. Holidays in Calabria are also worthwhile because the region is still largely undiscovered. Book your holiday in Calabria now with our pirate-like cheap offers .

    Arrival to Calabria

    Getting to Calabria by car, bus and train is quite time-consuming: it takes 15 hours by train and up to 20 hours by bus. It is easier to fly to Naples on a scheduled or low-cost flight and change to the train there. There are also charter flights to Lamezia Terme during the season from April to the end of October. Reggio Calabria at the southern tip can also be reached by charter lines.

    Where to go on holiday in Calabria?

    sea ​​or mountains? beach or rocks? The toe of Italy's boot forms an extremely multifaceted region. It's important to know if you're looking for a quiet beach holiday somewhere or if you're looking for a good base from which to explore Calabria.

    Calabria holidays on the Tyrrhenian Sea

    around the rocky outcrop "Capo Vaticano" Numerous holiday accommodations have settled due to the idyllic sandy beaches. You will find small resorts with swimming pools right by the sea, and family hotels in the hinterland. You will look in vain for big chains and hotel complexes.

    cannot be described as anything other than magical The effect of the city of Tropea : the medieval town is enthroned on cliffs about 40 meters high above the sea. From Tropea you can see the volcanic island of Stromboli.

    Word has gotten around that Parghelia has paradisiacal beaches. Nevertheless, the former fishing village has retained its charm and scores with authenticity.

    Calabria holidays on the Ionian Sea

    The so-called Jasmine Coast between Riace and Locri is one of the wildest and most romantic stretches of coast on the Mediterranean. Of course, you should also miss out on this beautiful piece of earth when on holiday in Italy and certainly not during a Calabria tour!

    The Bay of Montepaone and Catanzaro Lido go hand in hand with more comfort, but also with more large buildings. There the beaches are larger and the tourists more numerous.

    What accommodation options are there in Calabria?

    dominate in Calabria Smaller hotels , family guesthouses and resort - like facilities by the sea . for families The agrotourism offers are interesting . As is often the case in Italy, the Calabrian campsites mostly rent bungalows or mobile homes.

    In general, the further inland you reside, the cheaper the accommodation will be. If you want a holiday apartment or a hotel on the beach , you have to expect higher prices. If you by rental car are traveling , it is worth taking a look at the range of holiday apartments in the small towns.

    Holidays in Calabria with the whole family

    The Ionian tends to be calmer than the Tyrrhenian, with wider beaches and shallower seas. Therefore, the southeast of Calabria is more suitable for family vacations with small children than the northeast. In general, Calabria is extremely child-friendly ; In the larger hotels , high chairs are provided and childcare is often provided.

    Calabria gets very hot, especially inland, during the summer, so finding a guesthouse near the sea with children is a good idea. In addition, they can then frolic on the sandy beaches like in a picture book .

    Calabria's coast and beaches are magical and this unique region of Italy is waiting for you to discover it!

    Activities and destinations in Calabria

    Calabria is rich in historical heritage and natural attractions. No matter where exactly you are staying, there will be one or two hiking trails in the immediate vicinity. Even the next village could turn out to be the most beautiful in the region, even if it is not mentioned in travel guides.

    • Matera is already in Basilicata, but the impressive cave dwellings are definitely worth the slightly longer journey. The cave settlement of Sassi is not a UNESCO World Heritage Site for nothing.

    • Hiking trails criss-cross Aspromonte National Park . You can also climb Mount Pollino , which at 2,200 meters marks the border to Basilicata.

    • Those who shy away from climbing high mountains are in the right place at Lago Ampollino in the Sila National Park.

    You don't have to go to the "Lido" every day. Active holidays are not neglected in Calabria Italy. Apart from boat tours and water sports, especially on the Ionian Sea, you can go rafting or canyoning in the hinterland .

    Our pirate tip: towards Reggio Calabria is a heirloom from the times of industrialization The coastal railway . This separates beaches from the villages, but offers the traveler great views!


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